Michigan Grocers Association

Has Joined Forces With

Michigan Retailers Association

Effective January 1, 2018!

Ready to find out more?

Effective January 1, 2018 Michigan Grocers Association (MGA) has become a division of Michigan Retailers Association (MRA), the largest state retail association in the nation, representing more than 15,000 stores and websites across the state.

MRA is known as a leader in providing members with premier customer service, legislative advocacy, competitive credit card processing, workers compensation insurance and other cost‐saving benefits.

Contact MRA to learn more: 517.372.5656, toll-free: 800.366.3699, mra@retailers.com. Be sure to visit the MRA website by clicking the link below.


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Michigan Food News to Continue

The Michigan Food News will be published on the same schedule, reporting on issues, trends, legislation, regulations, laws, and strategies that food retailers have come to rely on and use to successfully operate in Michigan.

For advertisers, that means the Michigan Food News will continue to deliver unbeatable access to Michigan’s grocery industry. No one beats the Michigan Food News at reaching Michigan’s top decision-makers — including CEOs & presidents, senior level managers, and buyers — at chain and independent supermarkets, plus food, beverage, and equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, brokers, distributors, and service providers.

If your market includes Michigan, shouldn’t your advertising be there too?
Getting your message to the right people is critical to success. Trade journals such as the Michigan Food News offer advertisers a high level of certainty that their target audiences will receive and connect with their advertisements.

The Michigan Food News is published 11 times a year, which is once a month with a combined October/November issue. For a 2018 Michigan Food News Media Kit which includes the editorial calendar, ad rates, and additional information, contact Editor Lisa Reibsome at (517) 449-2256 or click on the button below to send her an email.  


Manufacturer Coupon Redemption Program

The Michigan Grocers Coupon Redemption Program joined with Pennsylvania Coupon Redemption Service (PCRS) to secure and improve the terms and benefits that coupon program participants currently enjoy.

A longtime business partner of Michigan Grocers, PCRS has provided back-office and administrative support for the coupon program for many years, compiling and producing the checks and reports that program participants receive.

So, what will be different?

  • Retailers submit coupons directly to PCRS and will receive payment and shipment reports directly from PCRS. If you have not received a Welcome Packet and shipping labels or are a new customer interested in the PCRS coupon program, please contact PCRS president Autumn Thomas directly at 800-543-8207 ext. 3129;
  • You will no longer be charged a $5.00 or $10.00 per shipment administrative fee; and,
  • With its higher volume, PCRS forwards coupons to the NCH processing plant more frequently, which will cut days and even weeks from the payment cycle (28 days from receipt by the plant), delivering your payment faster than ever before.

What will remain the same?

  • All coupons will continue to be processed at the same plant;
  • Shipment detail reports and checks will provide the same information in the same format;
  • Your share of the manufacturer handling allowance, 2-cents or 4-cents depending on the volume of coupons submitted, will remain the same;
  • There are absolutely no chargeback fees (as much as 16-cents charged by other programs); and
  • PCRS will accept your current security deposit held by Michigan Grocers so no payment deductions will be required to establish a new deposit.

Workers' Compensation Program

Michigan Grocers Fund’s member-owned workers’ compensation program is a professional insurance provider, controls costs, manages claims, and returns surplus premium back to members…$200,000 in 2017 alone!

To learn more and to find out if your business qualifies contact RPS Regency by clicking the link below.


Michigan Retailers Insurance Programs

The Michigan Retailers Association helps retailers of all sizes navigate options for all types of insurance, including workers compensation, health, dental, vision, life and disability. Learn from the experts and benefit from discounted rates. Click the link below to learn more.